Frequently Asked Questions

What is QuickFeedMe?

QuickFeedMe is a service that allows you to order online from lunch trucks. You can also write reviews about trucks and find other trucks in your area.

I order the same thing all the time, is there a way I can speed up my ordering process?

TODO: this

What's with this convenience fee?

The convenience fee helps us cover our hosting and domain fees, fees for the devices within the lunch trucks, and payment processing fees.

Why can't I pay cash?

We currently disallow cash transactions because it's infeasible at this time.
In the future we may allow cash transactions for "verified" customers.

How come all the trucks on your site do not accept orders?

We intend this site to also be a centralized list of trucks, so you can find the truck that best suits your needs. If your favorite truck isn't accepting orders, ask the truck to start using our service or tell us at

My favorite lunch truck isn't on your site, can you add it?

Sorry to hear that. Email and tell us the truck and its location.

What do the red and green times for the truck mean?

Green means the truck is currently accepting online orders.

Red means the truck is not currently accepting online orders.

My favorite item isn't on the truck's menu, why?

There could be a few reasons for this. If the item isn't on the menu at the truck we don't have it in our database. Let us know and we'll try to fix it.

How come I have to type in my credit card number every time?

Dealing with online credit card transactions is a tricky business. Instead of dealing with this right now we're letting Paypal deal with it.

What's in the future for QuickFeedMe?

Where can I direct questions?